B2B international


B2B international

Are you looking for a business gift or premium?
Would you like to receive a personalised quote or information on a custom-made book?
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Gunther Spriet
 +32 (0)51 42 42 79 


In your comfy chair. On the train. On the beach. On the couch. In the garden. You can enjoy a good book just about anywhere. Every year, we buy tens of millions of books to enjoy ourselves, to get new ideas, to cook from, or to read to others. You can enjoy a book for hours, days, weeks and sometimes even years, which makes it the perfect gift. As a business gift, but definitely also as a premium with your own product. We would be pleased to make your company or organisation a personalised offer from our wide selection.



A book as a business gift

You are undoubtedly always on the lookout for precious and original gifts to express the importance of your relationship with your clients.

We have a wide selection of books on photography and art, cookery books and travel guides that make the perfect business gift.

We also offer the possibility of making a custom-made edition with your company logo and name, so that it becomes your own, unique edition.

A book as a marketing tool

Are you about to launch a new product and are you looking for the ideal promotional item to link it with? What about a book?

Lannoo Publishers has vast experience in this market, and we would be happy to think about the possibilities together with you.

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If you are interested to hear more about what we have to offer, please contact:
Gunther Spriet
+32 (0)51 42 42 79


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