Change can be Child’s Play

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Change can be Child’s Play

The right mindset for leaders in a winning team
  • Change management without clichés

Whether you are running a multinational or just running a family, change is not like a game of Monopoly, where your piece saunters sedately around the board from start to finish. Instead, it is much more like a game of Ludo, where you can have a number of pieces on the board at the same time, some of which are moving and some of which are not! This is just like in real life, because not moving is also a form of change management.

With many years of worldwide experience behind him, Yves Van Durme demonstrates how change can be much easier if you do not automatically regard it as a problem, but see it more as a question of the right mindset. In addition, you will learn more about his highly individualist views on leadership, in which the world of games is never far off. Whether you peruse the book from cover to cover or whether you just dip into it at random, by the end of your reading you will know exactly what kind of leader you are. You will also discover that change is really no more than child's play.


"The infinity loop may seem to indicate perpetual effort, but this book brings the positive message that with the right focus, courage, leadership & team spirit you can make change work. A must read for all leaders navigating through transformation and/or building capacity for change."
- Gertrud Ingestad - Director-General DG HR at European Commission

"In this insightful book, Yves Van Durme works 'the canon' of the digital change world. He has a – always - curious mind, a creative approach and thirty years experience."
Paul Gibbons - Partner, Talent and Transformation, IBM and author of The Science of Organizational Change.


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